Landmarks 1

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal


Drinkwater Park


The park in 1986. The scene of much childhood newt fishing and swimming. Picture by Eddie Smith.


An atmospheric shot of Drinkwater park in the 1980s . Picture by Eddie Smith.



Drinkwater Park in 2007. Roll your mouse over the image for a comparison with 1986. Picture by Eddie Smith.




Three old (undated) pictures of the Cussons factory at the Agecroft end of Littleton Road. You will notce that the area is still semi-rural and that the old fishing hole at the back of Cussons is still there.

The latter survived and is still there today. I recall "fishing" there in the 1970s with the old net on the end of a length of bamboo.




Cussons in 1925 just five years after it opened.

An early view of operations in the Cussons yard.


An aerial view of the Cussons Factory in 1960.


An undated picture of Cussons which appears to be from the late 1960s or early 1970s.


An old picture of Cussons. Presumably sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s.


A view of Cussons from 1994.


The Cussons factory at the end of Littleton Road. The factory was established by Alexander Tom Cussons in 1920. The factory employed quite a few people from Kersal. In 1988 long after I left Kersal I had a summer job here after I completed my A Levels and was waiting to go to University. However the factory is due to close soon. "PZ Cussons plans to shut its long-established plant at Kersal Vale and move to a 10-acre site at nearby Agecroft in 2008, manufacturing liquid soap, washing-up liquid and shower gel for the British market" See here


A picture of the pond behind Cussons in 2008 by Eddie Smith.


And finally some pictures of the Cussons building being demolished in 2010.





Boundary Stone